More than life - What’s left of me 12” Holy roar records. 1º edición. Crema/500 unidades. Año 2014

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More Than Life - What’s Left Of Me 

1st Press -  Holy Roar Records:

Oxblood Red w/ Black Splatter / 100 
Tri-Colour - Transparent Red/Ultra Clear/Solid Red / 200
Solid Cream / 500

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More Than Life @ Kafe Antzokia, Bilbao (10/04/14)

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I met More Than Life, sooo happy c:

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Met James Matthews yesterday !

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Played 98 times

An empty word that you can forget.
A story told that ends with regret.
Sleeping quietly, all alone, without the warmth you left behind.
Cold sheets will comfort me, with no one besides me.

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More Than Life - Weight of the world

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Anonymous asked: where can i get the lyrics of "Prelude" EP ?

I couldn’t find them either, sorry, but if any of this blog’s followers has them, please share.

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jpmguitars asked: Would you happen to know where I could find "Love Let Me Go" on CD?

Try eBay?

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